the rest is rust and stardust

Dolly Madison's mausoleum

295. february 24, 2011 (thurs.)

Hooky from Sousaphone weight
-lifting. Avoiding the ghost
tour through Congressional

Cemetary, ivy route past Sousa's grave
in memory-pilfering dreams. (Unfair
to relive 'volunteer' hours asleep!)

The jaw sling Marley's spirit
waves around, bloody
mummy ruining a sax bell's

aspirations. Something brief as fireflies'
mating calls lies behind gypsy
trinket-ed door, you think
at the Christmas-lit porch.

(just because!)
"Movie poster for The Jazz Age (1929) with slogan 'A Scathing Indictment of the Bewildered Children of Pleasure Riding the Gilded Juggernaut of Jazz & Gin -- Destined to Rock the Nation!'"

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key-laden ladylet

"Painted gladiators that fight with daggers"

294. february 23, 2011

Puppet show for consenting keyholes

Get your Dream Drome tickets!
The nice Gibson girl
paper doll is selling.

Diorama of suspicious cards,
barkers well-versed in unraveling
gentle youth. Lizard boy

more of a peacock
dapper delinquent, wild for gator
green skin, tongue in tuna

sandwiches. He seduces
serving purple tea, London smog
fills the room to the clink, disintegrating

sugar cubes. Sepia films over
ever-present goggles
that pick up all our neutrino haloes.

Earl Nosegay Gray? No x-ray vision
voluptuous bustle skeletons,
that's the next tent. Go get jagged.

Marionettes surely criminally
awake, lithe to be so lovingly hog-tied.
Mocking seams so scarcely rip

near the ankle. Goggles as useless
as a view through lace cuffs
at the glass blower's. The market

where you will be presented
the shooting gallery through
darkened eyes. If hit you win

the inflated silhouette
your Thanksgiving centerfold.
Admission price wasn't much,
just the feeling
in the very tips
of your fingertips.

lamb family
(watercolour trifle of some of my lamb family)

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wicious waudewillians

Banshee as a verb

293. february 22, 2011

H. suffered from creative memory-making
Cold fronts of sexual amnesia, assuming S.
"Some kind of match-making Madame
Among celibate carnies," upon their last visit

All alone in bed when the evil clown Hz
penetrate walls. Psychotrailer metal,
trash talk replies. Drywall quake
my cat watches wide territorial interest.

Too tired to be more creatively caped
come sunset I'll not be appropriately whitened
patent. So lime green finger-witchy
gloves it is and before our bud (who can best

be described as Eeyore)-- says, "Your friend
isn't doing well" and after I've told 'Roo
he looks rockabilly kerchief up
my skellyton cup of his cheek.

Familiar with everyone's five o'clock troubles.
Not that. Young Dita needs a lift
home. As bad as shattering one's perfume
bottle collection each trip on the icy sidewalk.

Macabre & I will need some 'Grey Gardens goes IHOP'
for some hope tonight. We fluff
our respective nerves, adjust polyester. Banshee quotes
to one another over coffee.

the best costumes we just have to make these things up youknow xoxo to myselftheliar

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key-laden ladylet


292. february 21, 2011 (mon. TOys practice)

Thimblewind through to the miniature
Spookhouse. Unruly ferris wheel feeling
all growls 'vaporate ~ such soup

on a guest wind, digging your own cotton
tail'd den tuber-dear to skeletal porch. Smell
the flap of trench coat on underclothes line.

Baba Yaga's crab-walk through ivy
recorded first, but not tonight's pie.
Scrawny carnys slurp chicken,

feet under coffeetable, altar awe
fawning over hot pop of a crock pot.
No bird scales practicing in the yard

a murder of crows curling toes
on our spiraling foreheads.
Antique dust chorus exhaled

when we power amps, bruising knees
and dilated cries. Such soup-- and Ghoul,
you have yet unhooked the
decapitated gold door.

{this space reserved for future attempts of m'own Spookhouse art. til then, Gorey does it best!}

Grateful credit & 'knowledgement of brain-thievery from the Etsy shoppe name, Thimblewinder. Marissa is awesome and you probably already know-- makes the zine Miss Sequential. she was nice to me on a very hot day last Somerville Open Studios weekend [VISIT HER STUDIO this year!] ;) of course the above-item from her shoppe is called Tiny Party decoration!

this is wk43 #1! here are the rest :
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291. february 20, 2011 (filming day1 for Worried all the time)

Fran flower's dressed for guests
clarinetoscope shows
thievery of space cheese
beam down the bright squid

people keep counting your
fingers out of the boulders
tits didn't make themselves

known til ring-around-the closing
credits, thank goodness children
's show for adults

ghetto blaster headlights
from overdubbed truck
down with crepes, only grapes

ukulele necks billowing
out the back of capes could
robot bewilder, the elfin scout

Jazzbo tapping his keyhole
transmitter, bamboo fingers'
astronaut chopsticks, Robby

helium may show up on
this green screen, you know?
Planet Allston filled with hope

*Video playlist of day-of hilarity shot by Michael J. Epstein & Sophia Cacciola / here's the Tiny Tiny one ;)
jomeo and roulette

Shameless propagandas of affection

290. february 19, 2011 (sat.)

set to bad music, the sewing machine
needle's wide unblinking eye
came to the inventor in a dream

plastic flowers and detergent
set the laundromat to post-modern
sparkle, i cold cycle because i care

for threadbare shoulders
no electro-coma or pod person
fare paid for clean capes, marching

orders feathered, discotheque
drink queer coffee orders
while our clothes are wet

waiting for green screen, nervey
up late before hating the dying
breed of evening weathermen

toupee cloud cover
listen i may be all thumbs
but i've taken the pulse
of the situation, it's sincere

Sickert vision on the telly
(picture of "Tiny TV" by walter, from 'Worried all the time' shoot the next day...)

week42: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
i daresay! is that your flag?

"Some folks got regulations, we've got Liberation!"

289. february 18, 2011 (Tinys workin' on 'Worried all the time' demos)


Gender blending for beginners
A comrade's starter kit
To tree-climbing & institution smashing

Garage Band's shakey egg loop
Trax not always saving grace intuitive
Lawless fondue commentary

Kid's show B-sides
Scribbled with fire truck
Red red revolution

& You!

week42: 1, 2, 3, 4
key-laden ladylet

Though tonight I'm not dancing.

288. february 17, 2011 (wed. ENSMB v. Cirkestra at Club Passim)

First in a series of imaginary outings?

The 'long and short of it' bus driver
's reprieve. Enabler of aloe plants,
Jet Blue and Pthalo Blue.

(Don't cry into your hands if stained
with the latter.)

A canker sore secret,
splash of red on the trash lid,
cat nowhere to be heard.

How sweet for the King of odd porch
projects to bring the no-good ham
to the vegan restaurant, city camo' grey.

Circus bands' second battle
in good spirits, tight stage quarters.
Organic beer for sock garters, six-button

wastrels choosing a side. Spit valves
and rusty medals of Honour piping in
a pied pinstripe, accessorized

blazes of glorious blazers
and manly back pat hugs.
Altos in track pants, professors in

stacked cork heels. The silver violin
-ist, the blue coiffure that usually meets
my eyes when I'm dancing.

Steamprom why the hell not plaster this here too. it's topical appro' and it's my blog, right? eh. megalomania, someone's gotta do it. STEAMPROM pictures. Yes i have epic ensmb patch-vertisement on my also Army of TOys bling'd up soldierette blazer. Sometimes i'm a marionette majorette for the Nortons. i call the above photo Brokedy Nortons.

Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
coraline cameo in poem deserves photographic fun :) Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band also at Anachronism (same day as above goofy portrait), by NoTigersInBrooklyn on flickr.

week42: 1, 2, 3
key-laden ladylet

More collectors of miniatures than magic.

287. february 16, 2011 (wed.)

I can't stay any longer than tuber roots
To lesson plan trouser roles, Jacobin
Fashions in the post-stratosphere world

Our space shuttle has break-away porcelain
Turbo boosters, watercress-distill'd petrol
Our Lady of the Mass Pike lifts the mood

From the pity party of the sub-woofer, EZ
Passed over, favors from our rêve of revolution
I've drawn our brows theatrically

Furrows, tired lines lit by stage torch
It all seemed so sterile and romantic
Reading Petit Prince in school, staring

Into the blank white margins
Pilot Exupery exuberant
Lost in a forever-70's beta tape desert

Of his own illustration
Maybe carnations, maybe rendez
Vous avec Mlle. Earhart

The mirage of her pursed mouth
Snaggle laugh, she tugs her goggles
Round the dunes below neck

Sneak peek of tiny instruments's Encyclopedia Frenchica children's book for adults. (part of Worried all the Time. A Rob Potylo television program, *our premiere is May 28! Tiny Space Instrument Revue!)

week42: 1, 2
key-laden ladylet

"Cataclysm" by Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys, Sepiachord Video of the Day

Originally posted by sepiachord : "Cataclysm" by Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys is the Sepiachord Video of the Day.

mlle.tumblr x-post dither: our finale song Boston Rock 'n' Roll Rumble prelims monday 4/4/11. i'm so excited this got taped! Watch all my bandmates rock out and be-ribboned hysterically go back to back and then some drum roll please. i love us. we love to put on a show, dinner and a show. we like to nom one another? around 2:30 you can watch me bunny headbang awkward metal uke out. ;) i guess i might show my bum bum at the ver'end too, like i do.