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57. i'm so behind, but welcome to week9
key-laden ladylet

(pic by WS of Meff/Tj)

57. June 28, 2010 (mon., laundry day, TOys photoshoot test run)

Permanent press for my parade of off
-red negligees, the ruffian in me takes
stock of Pippi's polka dots, socks.

On the porch sauna, white ears at ninety
degrees toward the camera-- daringly
foreshortened, my knee cupped invisibly

by Edrie like a three-minute egg, like a shelf
in a fortune teller's palm i would kiss in thanks.
Jingle jailer keys, waggle "key party" with

eyebrow, Walter's seven tentacles coil
around our shoulders, perfect squid
simulacra for the picture based on the

inkdrip based on the photograph, a red
sea surrounds us, lovingly.


(i will sing my uke-aby, begrudgingly.)

The steam engine driver is lurking
in the shrubberies while a dock girl
admires the flower bed.
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