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jojo's paintbox presents: ART for Aliza's Brain Trust.

mlle.tumblr x-post to the max. is important.

i'm selling high quality card stock prints of my portraits of Aliza Shapiro/Heywood Wakefield. Your donations go straight to Aliza's Brain Trust to support this pillar of light/life of the Boston community, aiding her ongoing medical/living expenses as she recuperates from a cerebral hemorrhage and stroke. (Read more here)

The donation amount is up to you, but here's my suggested minimum donations to guide you. Click the donate button under the portrait you fancy! Don't forget to include your poemlet/watercolour-let requests in your additional instructions if you pay for those...

$7-$11 gets you a lovely signed print (incl. shipping)

$12-$15 for a print + separate $1 personalized commissioned poem from your burlesque poetess/wordsmithy. Any topic!

$16-$25+ for a print, $1 poem & petite watercolourlet/drawing of your devising!

Art sales for Aliza's brain trust

Brown bagterpiece Aliza :

Aliza in orange

Orangeiza :


Watercolourwreck :

of course if any of this Donate-button/paypal shenanery confuses, just drop a comment below here or email me and i'll discuss with you privately/send you an invoice. no worries. Thanks for reading/gazing/supporting.

P.S. stay tuned, i may add Aliza-stickers to the mix! and am hoping to vend these at the next Traniwreck...
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