wordsmithy (locksmithy) wrote,

"That was my escutcheon phase"

302. march 3, 2011

(Ars Ars)

To learn more about being a royal
turn to glass when dealt an
opal hand. When you lift sickly

anchor over cold press paper
make sure commoner cheeks bloom
the notion of orange, beloved

protagonist of glue
portraits. Blue down each successive
lower lid, we need a niche-- new business

card for striped yurts, Punky
wrecked Brewster could make
the badges, when bleach has cooled

slate roots. The notion of hair
palette on the back of mandolins,
graceful Saint Venus flattering the F holes.

One can see their way to a Duchy now,
sinning by glass, pan flute, by oil.


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Tags: du tiny, it's all happening, m'arrrt, overheards, poem-a-day, recappin, writing about arting
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