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carved a keyhole here

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Subordinate kingdoms
jailbreak nutsy!
301. march 2, 2011 (wed.)

Februar 1930

Yes, Tiny business, a matter of tuxedo
washing, de-moth-ing. Watch the dog in
dress tails OK Corral amble through

kitchen table, Cute quinoa.
No one feeds me like a man
-dola, rosin alone has me starved.

I'll be Johnny Damn'd if
I wasn't what's wrong with 'merica
the moment I checked email

in Harvard Square backpack traffic. Accepted
to the most gently disreputable words
and whistles tasting! Wine trellis

fingers fumble, I will need more
than a tiny robot helmet,
laser quill or no.

week44: 1, 2
here are the rest :


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