key-laden ladylet

your burlesque poetess(s)

carved a keyhole here

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You're a foul-weather friend
key-laden ladylet
299. week44

String words, figs instead of hitching
sake, pristine accordion sign-ups
in New Hampshire. A first time

dizzy in the South End
weighed down by corsage.
Crochet-Eros sanctions do-overs

gnocchi and seared blossoms.
Umbie shares a safe appetizer
under people-lamps.

Venetian stroll ignoring
hedge fund sirens, tourists
at home trip low heels.

The biz dinner tables jealous
a kiss of real life
origami, paper doll-boy, girl.

Unknot cape, darken as the descent
to the subway whine. Use candy twine
drive off big frozen sheets
of tiramisu, end credits red
wine night in.


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