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Dolly Madison's mausoleum
the rest is rust and stardust
295. february 24, 2011 (thurs.)

Hooky from Sousaphone weight
-lifting. Avoiding the ghost
tour through Congressional

Cemetary, ivy route past Sousa's grave
in memory-pilfering dreams. (Unfair
to relive 'volunteer' hours asleep!)

The jaw sling Marley's spirit
waves around, bloody
mummy ruining a sax bell's

aspirations. Something brief as fireflies'
mating calls lies behind gypsy
trinket-ed door, you think
at the Christmas-lit porch.

(just because!)
"Movie poster for The Jazz Age (1929) with slogan 'A Scathing Indictment of the Bewildered Children of Pleasure Riding the Gilded Juggernaut of Jazz & Gin -- Destined to Rock the Nation!'"

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