wordsmithy (locksmithy) wrote,

"Painted gladiators that fight with daggers"

294. february 23, 2011

Puppet show for consenting keyholes

Get your Dream Drome tickets!
The nice Gibson girl
paper doll is selling.

Diorama of suspicious cards,
barkers well-versed in unraveling
gentle youth. Lizard boy

more of a peacock
dapper delinquent, wild for gator
green skin, tongue in tuna

sandwiches. He seduces
serving purple tea, London smog
fills the room to the clink, disintegrating

sugar cubes. Sepia films over
ever-present goggles
that pick up all our neutrino haloes.

Earl Nosegay Gray? No x-ray vision
voluptuous bustle skeletons,
that's the next tent. Go get jagged.

Marionettes surely criminally
awake, lithe to be so lovingly hog-tied.
Mocking seams so scarcely rip

near the ankle. Goggles as useless
as a view through lace cuffs
at the glass blower's. The market

where you will be presented
the shooting gallery through
darkened eyes. If hit you win

the inflated silhouette
your Thanksgiving centerfold.
Admission price wasn't much,
just the feeling
in the very tips
of your fingertips.

lamb family
(watercolour trifle of some of my lamb family)

week43: 1, 2
here are the rest : http://locksmithy.livejournal.com/tag/poem-a-day
Tags: dream drome, evertold carnival, poem-a-day, poems that talk to prior poems, recappin
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