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292. february 21, 2011 (mon. TOys practice)

Thimblewind through to the miniature
Spookhouse. Unruly ferris wheel feeling
all growls 'vaporate ~ such soup

on a guest wind, digging your own cotton
tail'd den tuber-dear to skeletal porch. Smell
the flap of trench coat on underclothes line.

Baba Yaga's crab-walk through ivy
recorded first, but not tonight's pie.
Scrawny carnys slurp chicken,

feet under coffeetable, altar awe
fawning over hot pop of a crock pot.
No bird scales practicing in the yard

a murder of crows curling toes
on our spiraling foreheads.
Antique dust chorus exhaled

when we power amps, bruising knees
and dilated cries. Such soup-- and Ghoul,
you have yet unhooked the
decapitated gold door.

{this space reserved for future attempts of m'own Spookhouse art. til then, Gorey does it best!}

Grateful credit & 'knowledgement of brain-thievery from the Etsy shoppe name, Thimblewinder. Marissa is awesome and you probably already know-- makes the zine Miss Sequential. she was nice to me on a very hot day last Somerville Open Studios weekend [VISIT HER STUDIO this year!] ;) of course the above-item from her shoppe is called Tiny Party decoration!

this is wk43 #1! here are the rest : http://locksmithy.livejournal.com/tag/poem-a-day
Tags: bandfambly, bandlove, etsy, feeding you, food, gothic, it's all happening, melodramady, poem-a-day, poem-a-night, recappin, the great conversation, things tiny, toychest
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