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287. february 16, 2011 (wed.)

I can't stay any longer than tuber roots
To lesson plan trouser roles, Jacobin
Fashions in the post-stratosphere world

Our space shuttle has break-away porcelain
Turbo boosters, watercress-distill'd petrol
Our Lady of the Mass Pike lifts the mood

From the pity party of the sub-woofer, EZ
Passed over, favors from our rêve of revolution
I've drawn our brows theatrically

Furrows, tired lines lit by stage torch
It all seemed so sterile and romantic
Reading Petit Prince in school, staring

Into the blank white margins
Pilot Exupery exuberant
Lost in a forever-70's beta tape desert

Of his own illustration
Maybe carnations, maybe rendez
Vous avec Mlle. Earhart

The mirage of her pursed mouth
Snaggle laugh, she tugs her goggles
Round the dunes below neck

Sneak peek of tiny instruments's Encyclopedia Frenchica children's book for adults. (part of Worried all the Time. A Rob Potylo television program, *our premiere is May 28! Tiny Space Instrument Revue!)

week42: 1, 2

Tags: art-spirations, books, du tiny, je me souviens, poem-a-day, recappin, space frenchicans
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