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key-laden ladylet

your burlesque poetess(s)

carved a keyhole here

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Fulfilling a metaphorical input
key-laden ladylet
185. November 5, 2010 (fri.)

For a purple rain cheque and a fizzy water
You'll hear it probably has to do with your parent
-al stereotypes, calves sucked to armchair leather

For a new eraser? Walk away deeply ingrained
With the need to draw (instead of) read myself
Into three-pill/ow oblivion, it's a glitch to recall doze-dreams

So vividly, poets and editors take note--
For a schooner you'll never have to learn
The truth about chocolate milk

No one will think i'm creepy if i keep
Drawing milk carton portraits of ourselves?
Imaginary screen caps from future montages

For a dollar you can have one i already scrawled
On the back of a ragged brown bag
Damp, as i've already drunk

Our gold screw-cap ~ Irish wake's worth
Scrawled on the back of a ballet program
i've danced for our friends, still asleep
A volcanic flow of coffee in our gutter

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