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key-laden ladylet

your burlesque poetess(s)

carved a keyhole here

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Victoriously into Havana's crucial sugar industry
is that a spooker?

184. November 4, 2010 (thurs., night1 of the WSinkdrip curated series)

Control the Ginsbergian urge to make this grocery run
Any more that it really is, don't question
The $1 Banquets, don't drown in cheap chills

i dreamt you had to ask me what goosebumps
were-- or meant, out with it! My infidel
Sans Castro coat

A brief history of whippings
Hidden behind beard
The evening entertainment

Ready to sandpaper kiss
A ghost whisper-feeds you lines
The thrill of the recently rotting

Monologuing, death is duller than I thought!
There's a ghoul making our dinner reservation
Banshee wiping down the darkest booth

This is a selkie curated date night
Tea-stained, mulled-music maimed
Wallpaper over these fey sub-personalities

From the front row you can catch
All of this, watch your arm hairs rise

ArmoryWk1-3215 (pictures by Justin Moore!)

TINY INSTRUMENTS busk you into the magic room tmw night Fri. 11/12, ARMY OF TOYS play ~ Omnivortex Wonderland

TINY INSTRUMENTS play WS Inkdrip night3 in a week! 11/18 $7 ALL AGES ~ Post-Apocalyptic Lounge @ Somerville Armory, and Titler is on the bill, too!

i'm so excited myselftheliar has joined the poem-a-day cult! ici: amymacabre on tumblr. (& great to cyu tonight deary! thanks for my new key key bling bling!) i also since realized that the internet-quaintance who inspired the specific poem-a-day project parameters is someone from my real life past, past of my real life? and i didn't fully appreciate how tiny the world was til now... so basically e-literature is the size of a dime and we all are biting one another like emo poet pirate bat vampires. is really what i mean to say.

week27: 1, 2, 3