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"I'm objectifying all of you! This whole line!"
key-laden ladylet
my front row balcony seat the 1st night, bday gift tix. on the wed. show i was gifted mezz. seats from a fan, but also roamed as an ensmb majorette w. my performer pass :)

182. Novemeber 2, 2010 (dresden dolls, wilbur theatre night1, tues.)

Women's waists used to cinch in or
Rather forcibly squeeze past velvet
Ushers, repeat cabaret offenders in the cold

Some kind of communist pilot
Mucks up the sound system
A dolls tribute to masquerade ball

-jointed elbows and knees
Detailed by quick strokes of india ink
"We McFuckings never apologize!"

"I'm picturing a lot of cold sheep" your clan
The opening number rips open
The last decade of underage tour-shirts

Corset'd at the merch table
A kid with black blush nodding violently
Snarling every word alongside the ripping

Banging of keys and skin
Petals scattered fetal around the monitors
So this is devotion, ritual lyricism

Gatling gun strobe light
Making a pair of pre-code cartoons
Stage lightning silhouettes

If you can't sweat your way into fishnets
You can always merge with the words
We all don't fit in
These shell casings
Mother of pearl clips

ensmb feat. our broken toy friend Mr. Corzett rockin' out! two nights of street carnie and theatre parading fury!

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This poem was just a delight to read.

thanks very much for saying so
i tried to keep the readability spirit of things when writing the 2nd i just posted :D

thinking of you
recovering from my doom cold, can you come be on the chronicle televisions with us tomorrow for an hour at armory tmw night? you know that joint, tis where we first men irl...

we men first men'd and met, you know
like manly men

I really want to be there. I am sad I have to say maybe, since I live up the damn street and everything. I have a very important doctor's appointment at 3:30 in Brighton. Now this can mean two things: they see me promptly and I am out the door by 4pm, in which case of course I would be delighted to put on my victoriana best and come join the fun! Or, crappily, they see me at like 4:20, I don't get out until 5:30 and I'm not back to Somerville until closer to seven thanks to rush hour t disastering. If I don't make it, know that my spirit drifts around whimsically, and I've already set aside the time to MAKE SURE I make next thursdays. I want to support you guys for the teevees though!

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