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181. Pallet and ratchet
key-laden ladylet

November 1, 2010 (mon. wk27 commences)

i swear our culture wants to leave roses
On every career girl's coffee-stained pillow!
Another art house date night flick opens

On her hem's chaste moss stitch (see also: Chenille)
What blouse can bloom with a full career?
Hot one-hitter blisters through the lipstick stain

Smile as glossy as the dried oil paint on a glass ceiling
The soft palate of the mouth reminds me ~ last wash at 830
Snake in a bit late, the nice laundromat ladies

Recognize me by unmatched socks
(They aren't really a laundry day decision)
Unpracticed Diazepam'd housewife

Knows clean sheets and polka dots match
Most sexual fantasies-- Windex your filthy
Dirty window syndrome

i can kiss you and taste the difference now--
Colander and Coriander


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