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58. "So glad we stayed in."
the rest is rust and stardust

58. June 29, 2010 (day2, tues. - one of those days off)

Poor imitations of acid trip
Beatles make everything taste
better. The decadence police

are coming for us, sushi for you,
cashew chickens for me. Deliver
us from our bourgeoise ways

on our impoverished day off,
catnip mice to drive us batty, juice
and gin for an infinite evening.

1 more cos' i'm kind of in love with the horridly retchidly ridiculous faux-Beatles casting here. (can't wait to take my own screen caps like a nerrrd) oh lord. Walk Hard, you done me right. thankyou for the rec' TJ, i was sold after hearing the soundtrack's Starman, tho...

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