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Knock knock, cher padlock
key-laden ladylet
May 4, 2011 - poem-a-day OCD

Sorry to have neglected, el jay kin. The poem-a-day project wrapped up hilariously, as seen above. (The last month's-worth is still handwrit in my last sketchbook. Yonder is what 10 simultaneous drafts looks like in my Victorian automaton-bot handwriting.) i'm excited to share my zine with many teasers from the year, "Niblet: Mini-annals of decadence" on Etsy/for-general-online sale soon. Sorry not to have done so yet, i was a jerkface and sold/gifted them during whirlwind TOys mini-touring, Steampunk World's Fair and the lovely neo-victoooorian coda, Dorian's Parlour back in May/June. Hey, here's a pic kylecassidy took of me performing with my hott bandly, Army of TOys at said Philly corset-fest! i lead a blessedly surrealovely existence.

6/4/11 (twitpic / mlle.tumblr entry / oh hopping footage, 'Sam Hall')

Well, now i'm gonna cross-post some current events here. Maybe i'll just leave another levitating ukulele episode (by Justin Moore). Yes, re-animating the livejournal with flying flapper antics. The TOys are on a much needed vaycay (after 120+ shows without one!) this month, but we have some hugormous shows to ring in the fall. Like the Rhode Island date of World/Inferno's Week of Hallowmas parties-- and opening for The Humans (incl. members of R.E.M. and Ministry?!) at Church 9/25. up up and away. XO

Justin Moore, levitation archivist


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