key-laden ladylet

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carved a keyhole here

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They beheaded the statues, too
key-laden ladylet
298. (week 43 fin.)

Assume the furniture reverts
moss after the door chain
stops swinging. Owl pellets
in an apartment without breath.

There are sparks in the back seat
a trailer dragging sparks
in front on the pinball machine
ramp of 93. At this hour

the skyline is Les Mis
-worthy. Ragdoll's castles or
red scarves' triumph of reason.
The guillotine operator

receiving an axe man's tips
in a sow's ear. Execution sewn
into change purse of trinkets
superstition and privilege.

Without failure, lighter fluid
illuminates triads in potholes
interconnected toads.
Unplug near dawn, feed bread/beer.

Her endless day was her people's endless night.
"Her endless day was her people's endless night."

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