key-laden ladylet

your burlesque poetess(s)

carved a keyhole here

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and some stuff about cigars and a tunnel
296. february 25, 2011

Death perception in flurries
--The outside is hard enough
--You say 'fodder' too?
--Home should be Ahh, rejuve-a-nest...

Arrive before sushi delivery
spread Greece on lavender crackers.
Waxen tales we throw 'my love'
around puddle jumps of tea candles.

Take your top off in their parlour
then artless impressionist
make up while staring into your palm
-sized mirror.The Garmin sings along

with AM soloing to subterranean bar mitzvah
reception of a rock show. Don't hunt,
you've left two slips of a girl awfully
tamarin monkey, cardamon high.

Anchor and aeroplane by weedlace


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