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Degenerate terra cotta
key-laden ladylet
183. November 3, 2010 (wed. ddolls @ Wilbur night2)

If you feel like you went down with the ship
's orchestra, then get in the van
Our composer has spare buttons

The majorette is drawing straws
For the lovers behind sticky registers
Intentions are un-weighted, without glitter

Water in my cup you could mistake
Me for the other moustache'd half
If you're offering a seat in the red mezzanine

Throng, stop staring at the honeymooner
Lingerie, sweet cheeks ascending marble stair
Redundant really, someone's crinoline comment

On the rarity of natural blonde goths
The elongated neck of the actress
And the recurring encore of violence

Lead us to the South Street diner
(Cupcake fairies can't kiss everyone)
The taxis passing by had wondered:

What is this brassy pack of gypsy smokes?
AWOL vagrants' fruity theatrics
In the streets of the theatre district?

It's the punk cabaret warm up,
The ballerina stretching side-stage in chalk

titanicsicle Amanda Palmer

*brown bag blue ribbon Titanicsicle prize i made for dear @selinaDF (tumble-read all about it)

& yes, more poem-odes to antics involving majorette-ing about for ensmb! what can i say? as a member of the army of broken toys i feel the nerd need to volunteer with all other boston carnie battalions as is their wont? english? xo

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