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151. Motion-activated keys, heat sensitive escutcheons
'sup empire state building?
CynthVB (122)

151. October 2, 2010 (sat. CvB soiree of awesome in NYC)

Naive enough to rub white ears
Against pink tulle, glittery genital height
'Sup Empire State Building?

Someone summon'd Mother Ginger's
Cotton candy creatures to the two person carousel
In bloomers they eat veggie dogs

Under parasols ride the elevator
With authors in floral pants, banjolele
Briefcases shaking Uncle Sam's

Tail feather, surveying the still life
Of oil spillmaids and the birthday girl siren
Sailor-ferry'd from stripey bed to stage--

The mermaid's out of the tub
The unbell'd cats chasing rats
Through the endocrine system

Trachea vending machine
Empire SNAFU will change your peripheral
Perspective the rest of your intersecting insect life

Upon reviewing the premises
The tiny white loo seems the best place
To put a mad rabbit's tush

While Gomez posing in Heffner's kimono
Sparkles standing atop the toilet lid
And my hem is dampening in the vanity's sink...
Violin music pours out of the keyhole

burying m'bunny ears in lady-tulle!

My prior LJ entry about the soiree.
Cynthia von Buhler Bday/Gaiman-Palmer pre-nuptials soiree picture sets - on m'flickr & on the tiny instruments's (new-t'day) flickr.
Justin Moore's giant/beautiful formidable-- photo set. & Molly Crabapple's blog about la nuit!

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