wordsmithy (locksmithy) wrote,

150. Served sparkling orange soda by elaborate backpiece tattoos

October 1, 2010 (fri., Trabants cd listening party @River Gods)

Taking care of framer's business while drinking
Jack O'Lanterns-- small talk like sputtering candles
Under dangling bondage dolls strung out on gaffing tape

The DJ's make you feel like moon
-ing over your pretty martini glasses
Up until three painting one-eyed Jacks

For medium hat brims-- flyering
On a hot windy night really did feel
Like reverse trick or treating


tiny instruments's (propah!) cambridge premiere

shameless unrelated-to-the-poem-a-day in partic' pictures for upcoming shows. this coming friday (10/8) is the non-busking Tiny Instruments's Boston premiere, and to-night/day (Tues. the fifth of October) is the 1 day only VIP tix sale for the New Jew Revue i'm doing as the burlesque poetess/jewess & w. the Tinys (10/17) - use code: VIP1DAY on eventbrite!

10/5 1 day only VIP tix sale!

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Tags: adverts, boston, burlesque jewess, burlesque poetess, poem-a-day, recappin, showpimping, tiny instruments, trabants
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